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Joint Base San Antonio Libraries
San Antonio, Texas

Borrowing Information

Loan Periods

  • Books (including test prep study guides) and audiobooks circulate for 21 days
  • Library of Things Take-Home Kits circulate for 21 days
  • Board Games circulate for 21 days
  • TV Series circulate for 21 days
  • DVDs and BluRays circulate for 7 days
  • Video Games circulate for 7 days
  • Book drops are located at all branches and are open 24 hours a day. 

What Can I Check Out?

50 total materials per family:

  • Books (up to 50 items at a time)
  • Audio Books (5 at a time)
  • Test Prep Study Guides (2 at a time)
  • Vox/Wonderbook Audiobooks for Kids (5 at a time)
  • Board Games (2 at a time)
  • CLEP/DANTES Study Guides (2 at a time)
  • Library of Things Take-home Kits (2 at a time)
  • DVDs/BluRays/TV Series (10 at a time)
  • Video Games (2 at a time)
  • Launchpads (2 at a time)

What Can I Check Out (Military Students)

 5 total materials per student:

  •  Up to 5 Books
  •  2 DVDs/BluRay/TV Series
  •  1 Video Game
  •  2 Audio Books
  •  2 Study Guides
  • 1 Library of Things Take-Home Kit


Most items can be renewed for two additional loan periods if there are no holds or other restrictions (such as the item being in "billed" status if the renewal time exceeds 60 days). Items that are more than 60 days overdue are not eligible for renewal and will cause your account to be suspended until the issue is resolved.

Fine Free

The 802 FSS JBSA Libraries are fine free! There are no overdue fines on books, movies, video games and other materials. 

Items still need to be returned so that everyone may enjoy them. Please return items on their due dates. Materials more than 60 days overdue will be considered lost and your account will go into "Billed Status", and checkouts will be prohibited until the items are returned or replacement materials purchased. 

Replacing Materials

All library materials are considered property of the United States government. Sponsors are responsible for all materials that they and their family members check out.

Patrons must replace lost or damaged items with a new exact duplicate or a pre-approved substitute of material from a JBSA Library Supervisor. (DAFI 34-150 3.10.6). This may involve special ordering from bookstores or publishers. Money is NOT accepted. A permanently suspended notice will show up on the account if item is not received by the agreed-upon time. Due to the nature of the damaged material that is being replaced (government property), the JBSA Libraries are not permitted to give customers the items that were damaged in exchange for the new materials being replaced. All damaged materials are discarded using pre-approved government processes.

Terms of Use

  • A library card is available to anyone age 18 or older. A valid military IC or CAC ID is required.

  • Juvenile borrowers (under  between 10-18 years of age) may only obtain a library card with sponsor/parent/legal guardian approval. The parent/legal guardian must present acceptable identification and sign for the juvenile to receive full borrowing privileges.

  • The sponsor is responsible for all materials checked out by themselves and their dependents. 
  • The library will notify you of overdue materials or items on hold through automated email. 

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JBSA Library Hours


9 am - 6 pm

Friday - Saturday:

11 am - 5 pm



JBSA Lackland Library

Phone: 210-671-3610


JBSA Keith Campbell Memorial Library (Ft. Sam Houston)

Phone: 210-221-4387


JBSA Randolph LIbrary

Phone: 210-652-5578